#34 Embrace the things that make you different. That’s what makes you You.

28 Jun

As we remember the King of Pop and all of his greatness, I can’t help but think of how he epitomizes this piece of advice.  Throughout his life he was often stared at and talked about; laughed at and ridiculed.  But one thing that made Michael Jackson special was that he never wavered.  He embraced all of his differences and never tried to be like everyone else.  From the brown-skinned boy with the afro to the pale skinned man with the long flowing hair, unique is what he was.  (I know #130 is the elephant in the room.  I know this.  Now that I’ve acknowledged it, let’s move on.  https://whydidshedothat.wordpress.com/2010/06/13/130-dont-go-overboard-with-plastic-surgery-the-results-are-never-pretty/)  And look how his uniqueness affected not only music, but the world.  So often throughout life, women feel the need to be like everyone else.  We follow the fashion trends that are popular.  We get the same haircuts as our favorite celebrities.  And while all of that is ok, we oftentimes forget to develop, display, and embrace the things that make us different. 

Let’s take a walk down the hallowed halls of our high school memories.  We all remember the “weird” kids and the outcasts who were picked on and left out of the in crowd because they were different.  No one wanted to be that kid, so we all tried to be alike or like someone else or like anyone but that kid.  We suppressed the quirks in our personalities and hid our unusual talents, gifts, and interests.  The only time we wanted to be different was each spring as prom rolled around and we dared another girl to wear our red floor length backless, split to the bottom of the thigh, sequined gown.  (I will pause for a moment so you can look back at your prom pictures.  I know you and your best friend in her lime green, ruffled, fishtail dress WHY DID SHE DO THAT? looked fierce.)  So maybe this need to fit in can be attributed to the memories from our high school days. 

Again, fitting in isn’t a bad thing, but don’t fit in so much that you disappear.  Stop hiding the things about you that make you different from everyone else.  Anyone can try to be like someone else, but no one else can actually be you.


One Response to “#34 Embrace the things that make you different. That’s what makes you You.”

  1. Alexia Vaughn June 28, 2010 at 4:42 pm #

    Great advice!

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