#22 Just say no to drugs.

3 Aug

Some news that you may have missed today:  President Obama signed a bill reducing the disparity in penalties for the use of crack and powder cocaine.  Under the old law, a person received a mandatory 5 years in prison for possessing 5 grams of crack cocaine, whereas a person in possession of powder cocaine had to be holding 100 times that amount to receive the same mandatory sentence.  This disparity in sentencing has been a concern in the African-American community because African-Americans are more likely than Whites and Hispanics to be charged with possession of crack cocaine, while White and Hispanic defendants are more likely to be charged with possession of powder cocaine. 

Before anyone gets too excited about their man getting his sentence reduced because of this new law,This new law is not retroactive and it applies only to federal defendants.  Although most drug arrests happen on the state level, states have already begun moving away from mandatory sentencing and most are already treating crack and powder cocaine the same.  The takeaway from this news story?  You will still go to prison for possession of the right amount of crack cocaine and powder cocaine.  Former First Lady Nancy Reagan’s advice is just as relevant today as it was in the early 80s when I was in elementary school and we had to watch a special drug episode of Punky Brewster in the school assembly: Just Say No.



One Response to “#22 Just say no to drugs.”

  1. Destiny August 4, 2010 at 9:15 am #

    You brought it back with Punky Brewster… Showing your age!

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