#86 Don’t hate on someone else’s happiness.

14 Jul

In the wake of LeBrongate, The Decision, or whatever the media is calling all the hype surrounding NBA Forward LeBron James’s decision to leave the Cleveland Cavaliers and head to South Beach to play with the Miami Heat this upcoming season, I knew I needed to blog this piece of advice. 

Have you ever had something wonderful happen to you–whether it be a promotion, an engagement, or simply finding the shoes you’ve been cyberstalking now marked 50% off (or deciding on the team you want to play with in the upcoming basketball season)–only to have someone knock you down from your natural high?

“Are you sure you can handle that job?” 

“He must have saved a lot of money by buying that ring instead of a bigger one.”

“If those shoes were 50% off, it’s because no one likes them.”

(“You simply don’t deserve this kind of cowardly behavior.”  Dan Gilbert, Open Letter to Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters, July 8, 2010) 

Yeah, we’ve all had one of those moments.  All seems to be right in the world, or at least in your life, and you want everyone to share in your happiness, only to find that not everyone is happy that you’re happy.  WHY DID SHE DO THAT?  Oftentimes, it has more to do with that person than it has to do with you.  Maybe she wanted the promotion you just got, or she feels like she will lose a friend once you get married, or you bought the last pair of shoes in the size that she actually wanted too.  (Or you’re taking the limelight and your talent and the revenue that you generate for him away from him and his team.) 

Since it’s likely that you’ve encountered this Debbie Downer at least once in your life, you should be more cognizant of when someone else is having a moment of bliss so that you don’t ruin their moment.  When someone shares their good news with you, you should be genuinely happy for them.  After all, don’t you want them to be happy for you too?  Of course you do.


One Response to “#86 Don’t hate on someone else’s happiness.”

  1. Chandra July 15, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    I agree! They need to stop hating on Lebron. Business is business!

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